Weekly International Comparison

Weekly International Comparisons have five sections. The first shows the plot of the M10 Equal-Weight Composite Index over 100 y^weeks, followed by exhibits showing all individual markets, with performance calculated across fixed time frames. The four subsequent sections contain in-depth analyses with descriptive qualitative statistics, each focussing on a specific time frame, or method.

  • 100 Days
  • 52 Weeks
  • 100 Weeks
  • Detailed peer impact analysis (regression analysis against specific composite index)

All of the above are calculated to the most recent Friday. An additional set of analyses based on the latest 100 calendar months is published separately (‘Monthly International Comparison’).

Examples of the five sections of the Weekly International Comparison may be browsed below:

Section 1 of 5: Performance Comparisons

Section 2 of 5: 100 Days In-Depth

Section 3 of 5: 52 Weeks In-Depth

Section 4 of 5: 100 Weeks In-Depth

Section 5 of 5: Peer Impact Analysis