Individual Performance Analyses

For those cantonal pension funds where a sufficiently long history of performance statistics is available, this page gives direct links to pages containing a detailed quantitative and qualitative analysis of their investment performance. Regrettably, that is currently only possible for 14 of the 27 pension funds belonging to this group. While all illustrations are annotated, the annotations refrain from giving value judgments. Instead, they are intended as guides, assisting the viewer in extracting the relevant information for themselves.

Overview of Pension Fund Sample

Below, graphs for each of the 27 pension funds in the sample show performance for all years for which data has been made available, against LPP-C40 (the medium risk-tier benchmark index). Funds are listed alphabetically, regardless of record length. Additional performance data is shown in a table underneath each graph. The statistics in that table always refer to the history shown in the graph. Only metrics for funds with an equal length history may be compared to one another (all pension funds represented by red columns have 20 years of history). Fund’s where yearly performance is shown in blue have an incomplete history. Their data may only be referenced with the benchmark data shown on the same page. Obviously, with short histories, such comparisons may not be as meaningful.