Update Status Of Regular Features

This page gives an overview of features that are up-dated monthly, typically within a few working days into the current month. A selection of three exhibits is offered for perusal. Clicking on either the title, or any of the exhibits, will link directly to the relevant page.

Swiss Pension Fund Benchmarks

Benchmark indices for three distinct risk-tiers, calculated by Agathos, re-constituting a contiguous history back to the end of 1984, based on the  corresponding benchmarks published by Pictet& Cie.

Swiss Pension Fund Aggregate Index

Swiss pension fund composite index calculated from Credit Suisse Fund and UBS pension fund index families. Due to differences in publishing schedules, the composite may contain provisional estimates, published data, or both.

M5 Gobal Asset Comparison

A view of global markets, covering the five countries most relevant to Swiss based institutional investors, detailing asset class performance for money markets (1-month LIBOR), sovereign bonds (10 years), equities, and foreign currency.

M4 Currency Monitor

US-Dollar, Japanese Yen (100), €uro, and British Pound Sterling expressed in Swiss Francs.

M5 Money Market Monitor

1-Month LIBOR rates and return indices for CHF/Switzerland, USD/USA, JPY/Japan, EUR/Europe, GPB/Great Britain.

M5 Bond Market Monitor

Yields on 10-year Government bonds and total return indices calculated from them for Switzerland, USA, Japan, Germany (as proxy for Eurozone), and Great Britain.

M5 Equity Market Monitor

Price performance of the national blue-chip equity indices of Switzerland (SMI), USA (S&P500), Japan (Nikkei225), Eurozone (EuroSTOXX50), and Great Britain (FTSE100).