Local Market Metric Trails

The purpose of local market trails is to show how metrics have changed with time to arrive at their present values and in the context of the underlying price. The calculations of all metrics are based on 100 increments. The history shown here is also 100 units of time in length. Value scales for the graphs are held constant across all M10 markets covered for any issue. However scales will be adjusted from time to time. It is deliberate that on occasions, the most extreme readings may get truncated by the chosen scale. usually when one market’s range for a metric is totally out of character with the rest of the market universe. In such instances, an expansion of the scale would unduly flatten the appearance for other markets. Apart from the graphical representation, collections also contain a table showing selected metrics numerically, latest data as well as recent. In these tables, extreme readings and proximity to them are highlighted.

Collections shown below are sorted by metrics (analysis sort) but collections sorted by country are also available. Each type of sort will appeal to specific groups of users. Sorting by metric and using constant scales has the advantage to show differences between markets much more clearly. Below, complete M10 Collections are shown. Single market collections, or customised combination of single markets are also available. By default, collections of metric trails are sorted by analysis. This allows a visually extremely effective comparison between markets within the same collection, since all graphs use identical scales for identical metrics.

Weekly Metric Trails

Reference TXWE

Monthly Metric Trails

Reference TXMO

Single Market Weekly Metric Trails

Single Market Monthly Metric Trails