‘M4’ Major Currencies (CHF)

Exhibit-01 (above)

Chart-01 displays currency values (CHF base) for the four currencies in this sample and an equal-weight basket thereof, with all currencies given a base value of 100 eighteen months ago.

Exhibit-02 (below)

Chart-02 shows a plot of actual exchange rates for the latest three years (36 months), expressed in Swiss Francs per unit (100 units for JPY).

Exhibit-03 (above)

Table-01 in Exhibit 02 refers to latest 36 months, giving return and risk measures as well as information on the distribution of monthly rates of change.

Exhibit-04 (below)

Chart-03 shows the annualised return of the latest five years for each currency.

Exhibit-05 (above)

Chart-04 extends the time frame to ten years, with all currencies set to a base value of 100.

Exhibit-06 (below)

Table-02 shows actual values for the four exchange rates at fixed points in time: ten, five and three years ago, 12 months ago, latest year-end and last month. In the lower portion of the table, rates of return over a number of time frames are indicated. The best (green) and worst (red) performing currency of each period is highlighted.

Exhibit-07 (above)

Chart-04 shows currencies in terms of trailing 3-year normalised rates of return plotted across 10 years.

Exhibit-08 (below)

Jumping to a base anchored at the end of 1999, Chart-06 shows annualised rates of return of the four currencies from 31.12.1999 to date.