Illustrated Equity Market Analyses

The full body of Illustrated Equity Market Analyses is spit into two parts: Firstly, there are ‘International Comparisons of Equity Markets’, and secondly, ten local market analyses. Within international comparisons, most of of the analyses show all ten markets side-by-side. The output is generated weekly and monthly. Four fixed time frames are defined: 100 days, 52 weeks, 100 weeks, and 100 months. International comparisons are designed to allow a direct, and usually simultaneous, comparison of markets with one another.

The supplement International Comparisons, all local markets are analysed individually in weekly ‘Index Close-Ups’ They contain a variety of metrics, with the history of each metric plotted together with the market index itself.

The ‘M10’ research universe contains the equity markets of the following countries:

  • Australia (All Ordinaries Index)
  • Canada (TSE Composite Index)
  • Switzerland (Swiss Market Index)
  • Eurozone (STOXX50 Index)
  • Great Britain (FTSE100 Index)
  • Japan (Nikkei225 Index)
  • USA (S&P500 Index)
  • India (Bombay SE Index)
  • China (Shanghai Composite Index)
  • Russia (MOEX Index)

The weekly (and monthly) output of ‘International Market Comparisons’ and/or local market ‘Index Close-Ups’ can be made available in a variety of standard collections. Alternatively, such collections can be assembled to suit specific preferences. Below, samples of such collections can be examined.