Agathos Illustrated Equity Market Analyses

Agathos illustrated equity market analyses are sets of descriptive statistics, mostly in graphical form, generated with high frequency. In order to facilitate visual cross-referencing of markets, nearly all graphs use fixed scales. Thanks to the graphical display, highly complex and abstract metrics such as ‘volatility’, ‘alpha’, or ‘beta’ become tangible within the context of the full methodology in which they are rooted.

Illustrated Equity Market Analyses are divided into three distinct segments,

  1. International Comparisons
  2. Focus Collections
  3. National Index Close-Ups

The emphasis of international comparisons and of focus analysis collections is to calculate the current value of metrics, based on either the latest 100 days, 52 weeks, 100 weeks, and 100 months. Contrasting with that approach, nearly all illustrations contained in national market close-ups put descriptive statistics into a historic context, plotting the history of any chosen metric against the price performance of the market index during the most recent 100 weeks.

Every available collection of illustrations is represented below. Each cover sheet serves as link to the corresponding sample collection, for browsing, or downloading. All collections are available in the form of subscriptions.

International Comparisons

International comparisons are generated weekly and monthly.

Focus Collections

Currently, there are three different types of focus collections: ‘Summary Sheets’, ‘Distribution Analyses’, and ‘Regression Analyses’. All focus collections are available weekly and monthly.

Index Close-Ups

Collections of national Index Close-Ups are only published weekly. In addition to the illustrated metrics, they feature local summaries as well as data sheets supplementing the graphical information given. Universe Index Close-Ups are delivered in two formats, one sorted by analysis, another one sorted by country. Single market close-ups, and customised single market close-up collections are also available.

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