Weekly Single Market Index Close-Up Analysis

Weekly single (local) market index close-up analysis are available for all 10 equity markets in the research universe. Their main body comprises metrics that are plotted across a history of 100 weeks, always together with a stacked chart of the market index. As an aid, there is also a summary sheet and a data sheet. Please note: The summary sheet differs from those found in International Comparisons as they are local and lack any reference to peer markets (e.g. no regressions or ranks). However, the scales of all charts standardised across countries, and have, for any publishing date, identical value ranges.

Another section found at the end of index close-up analysis collections shows frequency distribution plots, compared to ‘normal’ distribution, covering 100 Days, 52 Weeks, 100 Weeks, and 100 Calendar Months. The two weekly frequency plots are augmented with dedicated graphs showing the differences between actual and ‘normal’ distribution by interval (with an interval size of 0.5 standard deviations).

As throughout the remainder of analyses the index plot is always in standardised form (re-based to 100 at start), the collection begins with a  100 week plot of actual index values, plus two moving averages.