Weekly Index Close-Up Analysis

This is a collection of exhibits, where all local market index-close-ups are assembled. Since the scales of exhibits are uniform across all countries, the visual comparison of markets by any single criteria is greatly enhanced. In this sample, plots of actual market indices have been omitted.

  • Local Market Summaries & Data Sheets
  • Descriptive Data Plots
  • Frequency Distribution Analyses

Part 1 of 3: Local Summaries & Data Sheets

Summary Sheets give a single page, updated overview describing each market within the 52 weeks to date. This includes performance across selected periods, the distribution of weekly rates of change in itself as well as against the reference of ‘normal’ distribution. Unlike international summaries, the local version does not contain any reference between markets.

Weekly Data Sheets are designed give numerical information directly relating to the numerous graphs in Section 2 of the collection.

Sample M10 WICU 01

Part 2 of 3: Descriptive Data Plots


Sample M10 WICU 02

Part 3 of 3: Frequency Distribution Analyses

The distributions of rates of change are compared with ‘normal’ for standard time frames: 100 days, 52 and 100 weeks, and 100 months (based on calendar months data). For the weekly


Sample M10 WICU 03