Monthly Collection Of Summary Sheets

As the name suggests, this is a collection of summary sheets, generated for every concluded calendar month. It contains the summaries for the M10 Composite Index, as well as one for each of the ten local markets.However, in addition to the monthly summaries, the collection is supplemented with

  • summary sheets for 100 days, and
  • Summary sheets for 100 weeks.

Unlike any weekly collection which would be produced with Friday closing prices, here weeks are redefined to coincide with the day of the week which is the final business day for the month. In the sample, the two are identical, but at other times the weekly summary could be calculated from synthetic weeks that may all run from, for example, Wednesday to Tuesdays.

Section 1 of 4: M10 Composite Index Summaries


Sample M10 Summaries

The M10 Composite Index Summaries differ slightly in their content from those of individual markets as there is no regression data. Reference to constituent markets is made by highlighting best and worst performers for specific time frames (table across lower portion of the exhibit. and in the performance plot).

Please note the distinction between national market summaries generated for an international context, and similar ones that are part of a local market analysis. The latter make no cross-border references, and contain two charts positioned on the left, as opposed to the contextual summaries shown here with three charts on the right. The third chart, a scatter, plots rates of change against the composite index. Details of the corresponding regression equation are given in the table.

Section 2 of 4: 100 Days To End Of Month


S1 Sample Summaries

Section 3 of 4: 100 Weeks To End Of Month


S3 Sample Summaries

Section 4 of 4: 100 Months To Date


S4 Sample Summaries