This site features backgrounds and an insider’s views on crucial aspects of institutional investment management, with a strong emphasis on transparency, risk-efficiency, and reduced-risk investment returns.

The paramount aspect connecting all of Agathos’ efforts and publications is to expose the hazards of outright index-cloning (‘passive’ investing). This is not confined to pension fund investing but applies to all institutional investment globally.

The performance statistics used here are all obtained from public data sources and relate to the management of Swiss pension funds. Yet, the conclusions made possible by these illustrations also apply to a much wider field, both within, and beyond the Swiss pension fund industry.

Topics and analyses are added at irregular intervals. Agathos analytics focus on the long term and while some may be one-off features, others are subject to updating, be it annually, quarterly, or even monthly.

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Agathos publishes analyses and research  based on publicly available raw data alone, always identifying sources in the appropriate context, adding direct hyperlinks to these sources wherever possible. All calculations are Agathos’ own. While utmost care is applied to ensure the accuracy calculations, no guarantee is given for them.

All content of is and remains the intellectual property of Agathos and its author(s). Approval is given for the use of published content only on condition that: (a) Agathos be identified as source, (b) Agathos is notified of the use of calculations and illustrations, and (c) that a link is given leading back to Agathos as source of the original content.